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Platform Privacy Policy


We are Improve Digital. We are based at Boeingavenue 30, 1119 PE Schiphol-Rijk. You can contact us at You can contact our Data Protection Officer at or via the switchboard at +31 202 620 277. In this Platform Privacy Policy we describe how we use cookies and process data, including personal data, when you visit a site of one our publisher clients.
We are committed to a lawful, fair and transparent processing of personal data, adhering to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
If you have any questions about our use of personal data when you visit our website, apply for a job, or get in touch with us via our website, please take a look at our Website Privacy Policy.

Improve Digital processes bid requests from and to Google advertising platforms – read more about their platform policy here.

1. How does Improve Digital use Cookies

Cookies to be able to sell and show ads

The websites of most of our clients are accessible free of charge. They use advertising income to cover for their cost, so ads are for them a necessary and vital source of income.
Our clients use the technology of Improve Digital to sell their advertising inventory. Through our platform they are able to sell it to numerous buyers. Our platform makes use of functional and non-functional cookies. For making use of non-functional cookies, we need your approval. When you visit a website from a company that makes use of our platform the website will ask your permission (opt-in) to do this.
Our platform works as an auction that connects the buyers with our clients. In order to start the auction, Improve Digital sends a so-called bid-request to numerous buyers. In response, the buyer will send a so-called bid-response. The bid request that Improve Digital sends to buyers makes use of cookies and may contain personal data.
Below we describe what cookies Improve Digital uses to establish a bid request, and how long they are used.

Cookies used by Improve Digital to sell and show ads
NamePlaced byReasonHow long
tuuidImprove DigitalSets the Improve Digital user ID90 days
tuuid_luImprove DigitalTimestamp of the last UUID sync90 days
pctImprove DigitalPost click conversion tracking. Tracks clicks on creatives to measure campaign performance90 days
pvtImprove DigitalTracks views on creatives to measure campaign performance90 days
ihImprove DigitalImp history, frequency cap time limit. Frequency capping to limit number of times users see campaigns with frequency capping90 days
fhImprove DigitalAverage impressions per day per user, made for this publisher / line item pairTill end of day
pxlImprove DigitalPixel which enables a segment to be built, can be used for future re-targeting campaigns90 days
umImprove DigitalTo enable user matching in the bidding process. Stores a map of tuuid with DSP user IDs90 days
umehImprove DigitalTo collect errors in the user matching process90 days
shImprove DigitalFrequency capping to limit number of times users see specific campaigns in one browser sessionKeeps for 1 session – does not set expiry date
adImprove DigitalImpression context for further jump request90 days

2. How does Improve Digital use personal data

Data used by Improve Digital to sell and show ads

Improve Digital collects and processes the following types of (personal) data:General data about the browser used for instance, whether it is Chrome or Firefox, and what version.Whether you visit the website with a desktop/laptop or tablet/smartphone.The version and language of the operating system used.Upon access, the approximate geographical location of the visitor based on the IP address, at the country or region level.The IP address used (the address of the Internet connection).

Purposes that we use the data for 
Improve Digital uses the data it collects for the purpose of enabling the automated auction (bidding process) of ad inventory of our clients and to record views and clicks on ads.

Our legal basis for the processing
We base our processing on consent of the data subject.

Where do we obtain the data from 
We collect our data via the above cookies.

How long and where do we store data
We store data for up to 90 days. If we interact with a cookies stored on your device, this period starts again.

Who we share data with
We share the above data with a large number of buyers, such as advertizers, brands, media agencies, and other intermediaries, although not all buyers receive the same data. The list of buyers changes on a continuing basis, and for this reason we cannot include a comprehensive list here.

Transfer of your personal data
If you are an EU resident, you should also know that we intend to transfer your personal data from your home country to countries and organization that do not offer an adequate level of protection for your personal data. When we transfer this data, we will do so only when we have put in place appropriate safeguards (a copy of which you can get by writing to our DPO), or have obtained explicit consent from you for such transfer.

3. Your rights to your data

Access rights
You have the right to request access to your personal data that we process. You also have the right to: Rectify incorrect personal data or erase it in certain circumstances.Restrict or object to the processing of your personal data.Receive your data so that you can use it elsewhere (data portability).If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, please contact us at We will provide you with instructions about what information we need so that we are able to find the data in question. If you ask us to delete your data, then we reserve the right to store the data we need to meet our legal and internal audit requirements. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.
Revoke consent for Improve Digital cookies and data processing 
You also the right to withdraw your consent at any time but we would like to point out that this does not affect the lawfulness of the processing before the date that you withdrew your consent. To revoke your consent, please click here.
Advertising on devices (Internet of things) 
Some of our clients also use the technology of Improve Digital to sell advertising space on Internet-connected devices that are not a phone, computer or tablet. For example, a smart tv, game console or mediabox. The possibilities of these devices are limited, and not everything described in this Platform Privacy Policy takes place with the selling of advertising space on such devices. 
When selling such advertising space our clients can only track what ads you have already seen. They cannot use our technology to look at your use of the devices to try and assess your interests. 
Also, for most of such devices it is not possible to generally not allow cookies or opt-out, although you can often remove all cookies. Consult the user manual of your device, or the privacy or cookie policy of the provider of the device to know how to do this.
Opt-out of all cookies 
If you want to opt-out of cookies more generally, you can change your browser settings so that you receive a warning before cookies are placed. You can also adapt the settings so that your browser refuses all cookies or refuses only cookies from third parties. You can also remove cookies that have already been placed. Note that you need to change separate settings for every browser and computer you use. Please also be aware that refusing cookies does not mean that you will no longer see any ads.
Whitelist of Advertising Technology Providers 
Whilst we are working with our trade partners and affiliates to implement new industry standards and frameworks, such as the IAB transparency and Consent Framework. We have in the interim put in place static vendor lists with some of our partners. Data Subjects and End Users should note that at present when you provide consent to Improve Digital or consent to the use of our cookies, this consent is applied to our present static vendor list, if you wish to review this list please click here.
Version information 
This policy was last updated 26 Jan 2023