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A unique, memorable and scalable ad experience that meets your brand’s challenges

Discover TopRoll® by Sublime, the latest video ad experience accessible through Improve Digital MARKETPLACE.

The benefits for your brand

A premium and exclusive ad experience with Sublime patent-pending technology

Easy activation: just one video asset is needed to create optimum engagement

Enhanced user experience thanks to seamless integration within publishers’ websites


Top banner

The ad starts as a video top banner.
An icon invites users to discover the video in fullscreen mode.



As users scroll up, the banner gets progressively bigger, until appearing in fullscreen to offer a truly immersive experience.

If users click on the top banner, the ad goes directly into fullscreen mode with sound on.


Top banner

When users scroll down, the banner gets smaller to offer a non-intrusive mobile experience.

first-class results


Average Viewability


VTR 15sec

For true viewability

Make sure your audience is seeing your ads. TopRoll® pauses when it’s no longer viewable, ensuring a qualitative VTR.

Video keeps playing even when not in-view

Video always

Get started

Access this exclusive opportunity via open auction or with a deal that works for you

  • Buy pre-packaged deals that are simple to activate, control and scale.
  • Request a custom deal and our team will handle the rest.