Unlocking premium and brand-safe opportunities

Reach highly engaged and diverse audiences across a portfolio of AAA, independent, and mobile publishers

Engage users involved in gameplay (and with high attention levels) by using seamlessly integrated ad formats

Deliver your message in a safe & verified media channel (MOAT)

Grab players’ attention with immersive
advertising experiences

In-game advertising

We serve authentic and realistic ads into games to help brands reach their target audience and to help game developers monetize their titles without disrupting the player experience.

In-menu advertising

The in-menu format offers clickable IAB standard display banners that allow brands to deliver integrated ads into game menus, user interfaces and loading screens across mobile games.

Rewarded video

The player is exposed to an ad for a reward on the game. New Rewarded video ads appear during the gameplay and “reward” players for their attention.

Bring your brand to simulated and rich environments

Stadium, racing, open world and life simulation

A fast-growing portfolio of AAA, independent, & mobile publishers

And so much more!

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