What are the benefits?

Reach a growing audience through premium inventory

Deliver your message in a fraud-free and brand-safe environment

Consumers’ high level of attention

Access the world’s leading television manufacturers through our exclusive partnership with ZEASN.

Get undivided attention with high-impact video ads

Pre-roll portal ads

The video ad is shown in the Smart TV interface next to the content app gallery.

Pre-roll AVOD

The video ad is shown as a pre-roll/mid-roll while consuming any CTV content on the portal.

Seamless audience targeting

Reach the right audience at the right time through custom targeting capabilities: content rating, genre, title, geo, series, keywords, channel and network.

Gain access to premium CTV publishers

And so much more!

Access this supply through our platform via open auction or with a deal that works for you:

Buy pre-packaged deals that are simple to buy, execute and scale.

Request a custom deal and our team will handle the rest.

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